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We believe in fences that endure the test of time. We believe in manufacturing and providing high quality products assembled in the USA. We believe in developing and fostering enduring relationships with our customer.


These are the tenets drive what we do every day.  Our focus is on servicing you. That is why all the products we develop and sell are maintenance free with lifetime warranties.  You install once and enjoy your fence for many years to come.


Our heritage is long and historic starting a back to the 1920’s. We come from deep background of fence installation. As we took this journey, our business grew into fence manufacturing.


Our perspective is different than most fence manufactures. We understand the end consumer. We understand the challenges of installing a fence. When we developed a line of fences we designed and built the fences from an installers and end consumers perspective. Our focus is not on optimizing the production flow. It is on manufacturing a fence that will be enjoyed for many years.


If you have any questions on how to install or maintain your fence, please call us. We still install thousands of fences every year.


Endura Fence Products proudly offers to the original purchaser of our aluminum fence or railing system a limited lifetime warranty.

We warranty our aluminum fence material to be free from defect in workmanship and the material manufactured by Endura Fence will not crack, chip, rust or peel. This warranty does not extend to damages caused by the use other than which the fence or railing material has been designed for, negligence, alteration, accident, improper installation, abuse, misuse, vandalism, or acts of God.


Endura Fence Products reserves the right to inspect the product under the claim and has the sole authority to determine whether to repair or replace the same. Endura Fence Products will not be liable for labor charges or other costs or expenses in connection with the repair, removal or installation of the original or replacement product.


Expect as specified provided herein, Endura Fence Products, makes no other warranties expressed or implied including without limitations warranties of quality, fitness and merchantability, are exclude.

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